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Safety, Health & Environment

People are the most critical part of your business. A positive proactive health and safety culture throughout your businesses and workplaces ensures that your workers remain safe and well.HR Era prides itself on our ability to assist, support, implement and nurture a culture of health, safety and well-being that ensures your workers go home safely.

HR Era supports wide range of businesses and provide service that is flexible, tailored and scaled to suit your business. So, regardless of the size of the company, we have a service and solution that will fit your business and budget.

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Health And Safety Issues.

Through a range of international standards, HR Era  ensure that organizations should have effective occupational health and safety systems in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance your business reputation.

If you’re looking for professional environmental health and safety consulting firms, so welcome to HR Era. The consultancy offers the best health, safety and environmental consulting services which separates us from the opposition.

Our Health Safety and Environment consultants provides you with unprejudiced guidance to ensure that your association is consistent with working environment directions. Our group of exceedingly talented consultants have inside and out industry encounter joined with solid specialized and business intuition.

Occupational health and safety is a major consideration for successful businesses – the welfare and safety of your staff must be of paramount importance because, as the adage states, people are your most important asset. Plus, apart from looking after your own personnel directly, a good set of policies will also have a secondary effect: you may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers, suppliers, nearby communities, and other members of the public who are impacted by your workplace environment.

At HR Era, we have solutions and answers. We can advise and train on a comprehensive range of quality, health, safety and environment issues. We are fully familiar with local legislation – and international standards. Standards we can help you with occupational or industrial hygiene, your working environment with regard to air quality, dust, noise and vibration, technical due diligence and hazardous substances. And we are experts at environmental audits and economic and social sustainability.

As a team of Health and safety Services, our role is to assist you in meeting the current Health and safety requirements. HR Era approach is very hands-on as we have found that many businesses find making the time to deal with all aspects of health and safety quite difficult.

Hr Era have devised a very simple but effective Safety Management System that assists the management team to maintain good practices. We help you from your initial enquiry listening to your needs to understand the best consultancy solution.

HR Era Safety Service is a team of highly qualified Consultants who combine their expertise with your business needs. The safety needs of clients are paramount to our organization and you can feel confident that your safety is in good hands. To achieve this objective we provide world class safety consultancy service.

HR Era Safety Services have established alliances with supply and service agents to provide clients with a complete safety package to ensure that equipment is maintained and serviceable at all times.


Do you need guidance on your health & safety and Working in partnership with you.

Based on our experience we work closely with companies in a wide range of sectors to help you find the solutions to any health and safety, and environmental issues as effectively as possible. We have a proven track record of developing positive, long-term relationships with organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors across globally.


Benefits of HR Era Health & Safety Consulting Support.

  • Independent and practical consultancy support aligned to your business objectives.
  • Reassurance that, you are working with a very experienced team of consultants providing a wide range of expertise.