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Who We Are

We are a Pakistan based human resource consulting organization with global perspective as well as local knowledge.

Our management team has a wide and diversified experience in human resource functions, organizational development, Human Resource Information System implementation and employee services.

In addition to our full time Consultants, we have an on-call panel of competent and experienced senior professionals and advisers who are specialist in organizational development, change management, human resource management, training & development, executive search, employee relations etc.

High quality and sound professional advice and caring services are assured to our clients.



Being a management team comprising of multi-disciplinary mature professionals, we believe in a participatory approach to solving client problems, starting with orientating ourselves with client-business thoroughly. Our methodology is tailor made to specific needs of the client considering relative importance of short, medium and long-term goals to be achieved and therefore our general approach to a problem will undergo meaningful alterations once we are on the ground and have discussed mutually with the client.

Our process tools are amenable to customization for each client according to their specific needs and we utilize a level of sophistication that suits an individual client. In short, we believe in a pragmatic approach rather than an ideal one so that tangible value can be added to the client processes as we finish our assignment.

We Are Cost Effective

We provide the best value for investment for our client’s organizations – the reason why some prestigious firms partner with us.

We Are Value Driven

Our plans, policies and practices are anchored on One Principle:


Having said that, we do not believe in delivering utopian solutions; our firm belief is that a client organization’s Values matter the most and therefore we customize approach, process and delivery based on client Values.

Aspects of Change Management are clearly discussed with client management and a straight forward understanding is reached before hand on the aspects of Change and their implications. We at HR ERA believe in evolutionary change and more often discourage a violent change in client Value system as well as processes.